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3ft Paddle, Engraved how you want it, with NO paracord work.

The goal of offering this is to inspire more people to get into the TRADITION of this particular departing gift!! You, the crew.. take it upon yourselves to decorate the paddle, and it will mean THAT MUCH MORE to your mate who you are gifting it to! 

Could be simple, could be beyond fancy. the point is.. it is from the heart because you care, and you want them to have it on their wall to look at when they are in their recliner, old and grey, and think of all of your times together, your shenanigans, your accomplishments, all that bull. 

comment in your CART what to engrave, or email us with details and your order # 


When I was stationed at MSST New York, I made 27 paddle in the short 2 years I was there. I wanted those guys to walk away with more than Chart Art.. and they did. That is where I came up with the first ever Trident Paddle (Patent Pending) and its just a passion of mine to make sure that People get recognized by their peers, with something that is heartfelt and means something more than chart art. ya know.... 

MSST NY 2018





This is the pic of the second batch I did at MSST NY in 2018.. 










This Video explains the Tradition and where it all Originated... and since then, lots of placed have adopted it, Law Enforcement, Military units, and Fraternities and Sororities, etc