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WE ARE OUT OF #45.. so we can not make a complete KIT... sadly! the cord IS on order.. NASA is ahead of us in line at the mill.. so.. we've been told to wait our turn. until then, only the cores are available. you could make a bellrope with #30 or even larger cord like 96 or 120 if you'd like.. your preference. (AUG 1st 2021)


This Kit is what got me hooked into Knot tying!! Seriously. I bought it from Mikko Snellman in Finland in 2018. It took three weeks to arrive, and took me several hours following his video step by step and learning each of the new-to-me knots and bringing them all together to make this Bell rope. I learned for the first time, through trial and error, the importance of Knot tension and consistency, and have since made many Bellrope, of different designs of my own creation, as you will soon do too using these building blocks! 

This is the same exact Kit that Mikko Snellman Offers on his website, except it’s with our Cotton cord, and it ships from us in Texas, instead of from Mikko in Finland. 

We have stopped offering Wooden cores, and now use 3d Printer Cores. they are more uniform, and just as strong as the wood. in fact.. the plastic filament is infused with wood.. moving to these 3D ones, saves money, lowering the price.. so now you can go buy the video from Mikko. Lacing Needles available here on our site as well. 

Mikko has made his Bellrope Tutorial Video available at this link For $5.. I first bought this in 2018 and still now in 2021, I go back to it as a refresher.

Need just the core? No problem, added to cart will give you the same size below. If you want a specific size, leave a comment on the order in the Cart and I’ll make it for you. 

Mikko’s YouTube channel is my Go-To, as is for most knot Tyers out there. Even Trevvett Knots whom we sponsor. 

Finished Length =24cm
38 feet of our #45 Cotton Cord, 6 feet of our #15b Cotton Cord, some Twine for parceling. 
Wood/plastic core - 7.5” (19cm) long, 5/8” (16mm)wide, and small= 4" long X 1/2"wide

Tools needed: Tape, Cutter, Fid or Marlinspike. (We sell them) (In the picture, you can see I used a chopstick in 2018 my first time ever, before even owning a Fid or Marlinspike 🤣) 


These are the Knots used, and when you buy the video these are the time stamps for trout reference later on: 

Single Strand Ringbolt Hitch (3:10)

Matthew Walker Knot (8:00)

Crown Sennit (14:30)Inserting the core after the first few crowns, and tying the remainder of bell rope around the core.

Footrope Knot. (17:48)

Crown with 2 sets, 3x3 (26:57)

Over 3 Diamond Knot (30:42)

Over 2 crown sennit (43:05)

Diamond Knot (46:12)

Complex Crown ABOK #942 (47:41)