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Made of 100% Polyester Yarns. It does have a core in it, and singes clean and quick to keep from fraying.

The Black is Solution-Dyed.. meaning the fibers are dyed black prior to being spun up to make the strands and then the cord. So it WILL NOT BLEED off onto any uniform or clothing. 

The 2.0mm is the standard size for Lanyards, and is offered on a Spool of 300ft spool. One 300ft spool should be plenty for two lanyards.

The 2.2mm is so close.. yet there is a difference. We’d describe the difference as a more “Bold” option when used in a lanyard.

The 2.2 is Excellent for Fancywork/ Coxcomb/ Hitching..etc. cover your railing, or re-work the hand holds on the Bridge.. etc. You’ll want the 500 meter/546 Yard/1640 Foot Spool.  

This cord has been used by Skip Hipps (google his work) to make Knotted Frames and Bos’n Lanyards for the US Navy for the past 10+ years. He is passing the torch to us, and will be supplying lanyard from now on. In doing so, we are making sure to offer this cord for the Traditional Boatswain’s Mates out there who want to learn to tie their own lanyards.

History Lesson: 
Your Bos’n Lanyard is a visual representation of your skills at fancywork, a display of your craft as the knuckle dragging deck apes who  Back in the age of Sail, it’s said that a Sailors Ditty Bag was his resume.. because he would have hand stitched it together, showing his canvas sewing skills needed for Repairing Sails Aloft and Underway.. and then usually the Lanyard for the Ditty Bag or Handle would be something ornate to display their skills at fancier work. That fancier work would have been used to cover hand rails all about the ship, boat hooks, etc. 

****I happen to have extremely reliable Intel that 5404 is being rewritten to say 2.0mm polyester Cord or smaller. Replacing the outdated and not produced Belfast cord.**

NAVY REG 5404.  BOATSWAIN'S PIPE AND LANYARD.  The boatswain's pipe and lanyard may be worn around the neck while carrying out official ceremonial duties and military watches.  The lanyard is braided with Belfast cord in a traditional style and sennit.  When hanging free, the bottom of the pipe will not fall below the top of the belt.  Wear white lanyards with dark/blue uniforms and black lanyards with white uniforms.  Men place the pipe in the left breast pocket when not in use.  Women wearing Service Dress Blue place the boatswain's pipe attached to the lanyard between the top and second button of their jacket when not in use. Do not wear them on liberty.