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Our first shirt ever, and the only time we’ll ever make this Plank Owner Design, so be one of the lucky few! 

”WOW! Dan.. that’s an expensive shirt!” -you. 
This is priced higher because it’s also a fundraiser for us to be able to travel up to, and be a sponsor for the 2021 Coast Guard Festival in Grand Haven, Michigan! August 2-7th.  Which we did.. went up there, came home, and now have a few left over few shirts, and my truck broke along the way. So.. here we are selling them to fix the truck 🤙🏼 

once these shirts are sold out, unless you buy one off my back, like I sold that one in Grand Haven… you’ll never get one from us again :) be a proud owner of one while you can! 

We really wanted this Plank Owner shirt to be something exclusive and special because the folks who are buying it.. are most likely the most truest and most faithful fans/followers we’ll ever have. The people who have contributed your input and helped to shape and guide where we will all travel on this journey under the Knotical USA brand. 

Thank you for your continued support! We look forward to where we can all go together, and welcome officially to the Knotical USA Family!! 🇺🇸