Trident/ Custom Paddle

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These 4’ Wooden Paddles are for that shipmate who went above and beyond and y’all want to show them their worth. 

*Price includes engravings* 

In the SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS in your CART, please tell us the design/layout with what you want engraved. Please be as specific as possible, and we’ll reach out to clarify anything!  Want a picture engraved on the paddle? Want your cutter or unit logo on it? You’ll just need to provide the photos/files. email us at

A metal rank/collar Device is included in the price, and will go on top of the handle instead of engraving the pin, unless you request something different. 

Want a Black Brass Plate instead of engraved on the wood? No problem, tell us. 


All of our Paddles come with a metal bracket installed to help mount them on a wall vertically by default. If you’d like the whole thing to hang Horizontally, please let us know, at no extra fee.

All Paddles come with the backs painted Gray, to allow for signatures and farewell comments. 

4ft wooden par/paddle, hand carved into a Trident 🔱 for all of the Shellbacks and Neptune loving, Poseidon worshiping, Nautical AF sailors out there! Also fits for those in Law Enforcement on the water, MSST’s, MSRT, the Navy Seal in your family tree... you get the the idea :)