All Profits are donated to support Coast Guard Mental Health -

A new Nonprofit is benefiting ALL coast guard members with Peer-to-Peer support for all things mental health and work-related stress in the Military. BreakWater Alliance is raising money to support their administrative costs, and also to open a Retreat Center where Coast Guard Members can travel to for Free with their families. If interested, donate here with us! :)

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Star Knot logo for nautical knots, fancy rope work, rope knots, with rope border, cord

Active Duty Family Owned and Operated

We are a small family run business who takes pride in bringing the world the best quality cord for Knot Tyers & Nautical Fancywork, all made here in America. We also enjoy creating laser engraved items, primarily for military departing gifts, but also so much more.

I left the Marine Corps, joined the Coast Guard and quickly found my passion for knot tying, fancywork, and creating meaningful gifts. I started customizing paddles for coworkers who were leaving my unit. Putting time and thought into those projects brought me great joy, and that hobby has evolved into Knotical USA, LLC. Being so inspired by a lot of knot tyers around the world, I joined the IGKT. I want to carry on the service of providing cordage to all of you by following in the foot steps of Martin Combs who has been selling this rope for 25 years. We are proud to continue to offer that same cord & more, as well as all the opportunities that will come out of that.