Lacing Needles

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***NOW a tad thicker at 5mm wide.. the same opening size as before. (threaded with T3464 5-40)

These 4mm wide screw-threaded lacing needles are 4 inches long and made from a good grade stainless steel. So unless you lose them or give them away or have them stolen they should last you the rest of your life. Made in the USA. 

As shown in the photo.. The 4mm needle works well with our Cotton Cord sizes 15b, 21, 30, & 45.

The 2mm & 2.2mm Poly, 550 cord, Speedboot & the Blackjack cords as well (if you singe the ends after cutting the cord with a flame)

We use these whenever we work with Paracord. especially when making our Bellropes, Paddles, or anything fancy.. sure beats using long forceps.